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Behaviour Management 
Year: 2000 
Boundary Training 
Year: 2013 
Chatter Challenge- Speech and language resource guide for parents and professionals (Manual & Flashcards) 
Developing Scissor Cutting Skills in the Child with Down Syndrome 
Year: 1999 
Series: Opening doors together 
Guidelines for middle and secondary schools 
Year: 1999 
Guidelines for Supporting Adolescents and Adults with Down Syndrome 
Year: 1999 
Healthy Eating- Eating guidelines and meal planning 
Year: 2012 
Secondary School Transition Checklist 
Year: 1999 
Spell to Write 'Getting Started' 
Year: 2005 
Teaching Pre-writing Skills to the Student with Down Syndrome 
Edition: Second Edition 
Year: 2003 
Series: Opening doors together